I would bet that each and every reader has undergone one or more of these: gassiness with bloating; possibly pain; urgency to have.    It affects the small bowel end although crohn’s disease involves inflammation of any portion of the GI tract.  Symptoms include bloody diarrhea bleeding; wasting; constipation cramps and fever.

It’s projected that two-thirds to three-fourths of patients will need surgery.  Ulcerative Colitis is a GI tract disorder that appears in the 30s of one.  One symptom is loosening that is stool.  Flare-ups are inevitable and can be crippling although symptoms come and go.  The inflammation is restricted to the bowel, or colon.  Symptoms include bloody stool pain; cramping; amenorrhea in women; urgency loss of appetite; tiredness and weight loss.

Crohn’s disease This chronic disease which might be life-threatening and affects digestion, involves a GI tract that interferes with absorption of nutrients.  There is an internal debate among scientists as to whether CD is an immune deficiency condition or an autoimmune disease.  But the final result is an inflammatory disease that strikes the GI tract that surrounds the mouth.

In 2011, Israeli study included 30 patients.  After use of cannabis, 21 improved.  They dropped some of the prescribed drugs due to medical marijuana (MMJ).  For instance: 26 patients.  After using cannabis but that regular was maintained by four.   “The results suggest that cannabis can have a positive impact on disease activity”  Scientists said that the demand for other drugs diminished in patients.

This mechanism can help reduce inflammation.    Treatment was also demonstrated to cause a statistically significant increase in patients’ weight after three months of therapy.”  CNN reported that 13 patients smoking marijuana stated that the quality of the life improved for these folks who suffered from UC and CD.  They added weight experienced less pain and diminished the incidence of diarrhea.

Researchers say that the chemicals found in cannabis, cannabinoids, have effects where certain actions that are anti-inflammatory are triggered by them.  Ulcerative Colitis UC is a chronic disease of the colon, the large intestine that’s marked inflammation and with ulceration of the lining that is innermost.  The cause?

Due to this over-activity, the intestine becomes inflamed and raw.   1 fact is that research has shown that IBD sufferers have a amount of receptors in their colon tissues.  This may indicate that people with CD and colitis may respond to MMJ’s properties.  Which may account for a 2011 survey of UC patients that reported that 51 percent were cannabis users with no side effects for the treatment of the symptoms.   “Cannabis has been quite helpful in inflammatory ailments in treating the underlying disease in addition to the symptoms.”

Medical marijuana strains which could be useful One resource MMJ breeds which could be helpful to alleviate symptoms of IBD.  The record: Sativa dominant, Cherry Pie; soothes the pain of IBD and increases appetite.  Indica dominant with about 20 percent CBD, Bubble Gum.  Has anti-anxiety and pain-relieving qualities.  Lessens relieves and melancholy exhaustion and discomfort.

Sour Grape, this Indica strain reduce depression and can reduce anxiety.  Helps with appetite.  A Sativa strain that offers relief whilst fighting depression and sleeplessness, american Beauty.  This is somewhat stronger than the other cited breeds.  So, in states like Colorado and Florida, with marijuana on the books, cannabis might be available for treatment of IBD symptoms.  In states it’s up to the sufferer what they’re prepared to do for it and to make choices.