How to obtain a Medical Marijuana Card?

A medical marijuana card is available to people living in Florida and struggling with cancer, serious muscle spasms, seizures, or fatal situations that aren’t regarded treatable relative to the conditions of the 2014 Compassionate Medical Marijuana Act. This marijuana must be a reduced-THC variety except the individual includes a fatal illness plus an endurance of a maximum of one year.Amendment 2 which has taken effect early 2017, the list of illnesses will have to be determined in a broader scale. Patients with Crohn’s disease supports or HIV, ALS, epilepsy, glaucoma, MS, Parkinson will then be allowed to obtain a prescription for medical weed. The Compassionate Medical Marijuana Act won’t be negated by this act’s passage, so people who are already obtaining their medicine beneath the current terms will not be disturbed or need to jump through any extra hoops that are legal.

Step One:    Requirements for application of medical marijuana card

You must be a Florida resident, to be eligible for a medical pot card. The most easy way to ascertain this can be having a Florida ID or driver’s certificate. If you are using a few other type of government-released identification that can perform if you provide additional evidence of residency in the condition such as home-ownership files a rent a bank record and so forth.If you are a minor or under a legal guardian, a consent is needed. Kids may also be required to obtain an encouraging second-opinion from another certified physician.

Step two:     Find A Certified Physician

The  State retains a listing of doctors that they consider to be qualified to write a prescription for pot. These physicians also have attained several other state requirements and have finished a special program. You can observe the present number at Compassionate Use website’s Office.

The physician will analyze one to examine you suffer with the qualifying situation. It’s important to be aware that state law needs you to try more “mainstream” remedies for the condition first. That is why it is important to create your medical history with certification that other forms of common solutions for your problem haven’t had the opportunity to offer ample comfort of one’s signs. The doctor is not needed to try these remedies themselves; if your documentation is in order, they’re able to potentially produce your weed prescription on-the-spot.

When you are allowed to get a prescription, you’ll be included with the Compassionate-Use Registry of  Florida, and get your card thru mail.

Step Three:    Look For A  Dispensary

At present, the State has licensed six agencies to sell medical marijuana to clients that were registered through shops. These are:

. CHT Medical (Gainesville)
. The Natural Alternative (No places yet)
. Trulieve (Clearwater and Tallahassee; future strategies for places in Bradenton, Pensacola, St. Petersburg, Tampa and Ohio)
. Surterra Therapeutics (Tallahassee; added place in the works in Tampa)
. Modern Health Concepts (Miami)
. Knox Room (Gainesville, Winter Garden)
Some of these corporations produce like Trulieve and Surterra, although this can be an assistance that is pricey.

And that’s actually all that’s necessary to do to get a medical marijuana card in Florida! The two largest obstacles are getting your documentation together to get a qualifying physician, and the logistics of basically dealing with a dispensary if you do not happen to dwell near one an individual will be accepted. Variation 2’s passing would execute a lot to enhance these conditions both.