Medical Marijuana Evaluations

We specialize in providing medical cannabis evaluations for potential patients who meet Florida compassionate care act qualifying conditions. We abide by Florida state law and Amendment 2 of Bill approved by voters in 2017. This amendment includes registering with the compassionate use registry in Florida. This allows individuals with debilitating medical conditions to have an alternative way to cope.

We ensure you find the right medical marijuana doctor. We want your application to be accepted and you get the relief you need. Finding the right doctor gives the motivation to keep appointments and keep the relationship with the doctor.

We guide you through the whole process and ensure your time is not wasted. We make the process smooth and easy so no stress surrounds you. We go through Florida’s marijuana laws that are subjective to your situation. We make sure you understand the rights of obtaining a medical marijuana (cannabis) card and your obligations as a medical marijuana card holder.

What Conditions Qualify For Medical Marijuana Card in Florida
* Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s disease) * Cancer *Crohn’s disease * Epilepsy * Glaucoma * HIV/AIDS * Seizures * Chronic muscle spasms * Multiple sclerosis * Parkinson’s disease * post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) * or any other ailment/condition of the same severity/symptoms, when determined by a physician’s opinion that the medical use of marijuana would surpass any potential health risks

Medical Marijuana Doctors

Our medical marijuana are in complete compliance with Florida Compassionate Care Act and state laws. They care about your health and will evaluate you with honesty. They will answer all your questions and give you a sigh of relief.

Medical Marijuana Recommendations

Florida Compassionate Care Act requires the Department of Health to authorize a selective numbers of organizations that will cultivate and dispense high and low-THC Cannabis for qualified patients. Our doctors will make sure you completely qualify if you meet the requirements.

Medical Marijuana Clinics

Medical Marijuana Clinics are very well versed in the Florida Compassionate Care Act and the Florida state laws. The staff and doctors make the appointments enjoyable, knowledgeable, and fast.